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Starsiege Tribes was a groundbreaking game. It was the first multiplayer game with more than 32 players, it was the first seamless indoor/outdoor FPS with vehicles... And now, Tribes is being played online for almost 10 years!

With the demise of the official master servers, getting Tribes up and running can be a bit cumbersome. That's why we've prepared a complete, ready-to-run package for you to download and play. This ZIP-archive contains the entire game, patched to the latest version and including many important addons and maps.

Included Features

  • Tribes full game, patched to v1.30 ("LastHope")
  • HudBot v0.5
  • Spoonbot v1.3
  • Starwars Mod with Spoonbot
  • OpenCall Map Pack
  • OpenCall 2 v3.1 Map Pack
  • LT v3.5 Map Pack (with BastardForgeLT update)
  • REZ CTF v2.0 Map Pack
  • BrakeForce Map Pack
  • DOX Map Pack
  • Includes Vista compatibility fixes
  • Configured to use all major community master servers
  • Configured to facilitate the Arloria Tribes/TribesNext IRC server instead of the (defunct) Dynamix one. (new in Update 2)
  • Including PDF Manuals in English, German and French (new in Update 3)


Forget downloading 20 files, searching for the 1.8-1.11 patch or scouring for the latest master server addresses. Simply download the ZIP archive below, and run Tribes. It's that easy.

NOTE: To launch Spoonbot and play with bots, run spoonbot.bat

Optional High-Resolution Textures

There are also some optional hi-res textures available. However, since they not always improve the visuals (some seams appear much more noticeable) and because they tilt the coloring of the game to an almost candy-like tint, they have not been included and are available as a separate download here. To install, extract this ZIP archive into your Tribes folder. Note that it contains other zip files. Do not extract those, instead just put them into "Tribes\Hudbot\Replacements"

Wanna play Tribes 2?

Tribes 2 is now also completely community-maintained and free to play. Head over to to download Tribes 2 and the community patch, and start to play!