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Welcome to LaserArena!

A typical LaserArena map

LaserArena is a fun and small online-capable non-violent shooter. Players can take 3 hits before they "de-rez", much like in the movie Tron. In addition to run-of-the-mill gameplay like deathmatch, team-deathmatch and domination, LaserArena features a unique game mode called Megatarget. To break up the laser fights a bit, "laser grenades" may be lobbed around a corner, which emit a flurry of random laser beams that tag friend and foe.

LaserArena features an offline AI that is capable of playing the game and all its game-modes very well.

Megatarget Tutorial

Megatarget is a unique gameplay mode in which players have to hit three targets defended by automated turrets, before they are admitted to the core in which they have to hit a final target called megatarget to score a point for their team.

LaserArena Enhanced Mod

Even though the original LaserArena was thoroughly enjoyable, it was lackluster in some regards - the firing sounds were weak, some graphics were uninspired... The Enhanced Mod seeks to change all that, adding not only additional useful key binds (see autoexec.cfg) but also much better sounds, skyboxes, improved menu and other small changes. The original gameplay remains unmodified, but you should have much more fun with it.


Download LaserArena + Enhanced Mod 17MB (Recommended download, this is all you need to play in a single zip-file!)

LaserArena Enhanced Mod only 2.5MB (Needs an original LaserArena install)



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