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Spoonbot is a "bot" AI for Starsiege Tribes. It allows you to play alone, or enhance online games with few human participants by adding as many or as few bots as you like.

Spoonbot can be completely controlled from within game by entering the TAB key menu, where additional bots can be spawned in. The AI is also aware of different player roles, and can work cooperatively with other bots or players, for example a mortar bot will try to follow you and mortar targets that you paint with your target designator beam. Bots navigate bases, play CTF and even pilot vehicles on selected maps.


Don't have Tribes?


Spoonbot is installed like most other Tribes modifications. Simply unzip the file into your Tribes-directory, then start Tribes via spoonbot.bat Alternatively, you can also run the game via this command line:

Tribes.exe -mod spoonbot_13 +exec spoonbot.cs

Or, if you just want a simple download without any necessary editing, download the Ready-To-Play Package



  • Bots pilot vehicles


  • Added a few new treepoint files (try out Sulfurious!!)
  • Fixed Weapon changing code for most bots. No more harmless painter-bots...


  • Fixed Bots sometimes standing around forever
  • Tweaked JetToPos a bit.
  • Fixed MortarBot not following painter properly


  • Updated Treefile code to version 2 -> Treefiles now 1/10th of the original size
  • Added C&H capability, they also capture the switches in CTF maps
  • Bots now use repairkits (This should greatly improve their effectiveness)
  • Fixed Demo behaviour (sometimes attacked underground generators)
  • Fixed Sniper behaviour (now they search for good sniping locations)
  • Fixed Medic behaviour (sometimes didn't repair stuff)
  • Fixed Mortar behaviour (didn't wait till in range before mortaring)
  • Fixed Guard behaviour (did't work at all)
  • Fixed Cheat-Teleport function warping bots out of the game field sometimes (Now that was creepy)


  • Found and fixed what seems to be the final treepoint navigation bug
  • Fixed Medic and Mortar not using Treepoints
  • Fixed JetToPos funtion to work more reliable
  • Fixed Medic not repairing Solar Panels


  • Fixed approx. 200 different bugs of all sizes and severities.
  • Got Treecode working 100%, provided that the Treefiles are ok.
  • Got CTF working 100% (They cap the flag on Broadside with no problems!!!!)


  • Due to my recent "wave" of tests and exams, not much :-((
  • Fixed Energy bug
  • Fixed "Bot Runaway" bug
  • Improved a couple of AI issues regarding repairing/attacking objects
  • Some changes I forgot to remember


  • Switched ALL movement to utilize the treecode. Treefiles are now MANDATORY for operation!
  • Reduced CPU load
  • Smalled treefiles while still being compatible to the old format
  • Improved Miner bot
  • Improved Demo bot
  • Improved Mortar bot
  • Reduced Range-Of-Sight for the Sniper, for realisms sake.
  • Tested for TribesDemo-compatibility


  • No official release


  • New bot type: MORTAR BOT
  • CTF now works again, thanks to [COD]h0micide
  • Miner bot will go after the enemy flag
  • Guard bot now especially guards the own flag
  • Mortar bot goes into the field for mortar-jobs ;-)
  • Changed bot evade code. They now skyrocket a bit too much - please tell me if this annoys you.


  • Fixed Demo-bot attacking teammembers
  • Dedicated Server stability issues solved!! (It's now safe to run a dedicated server, yay!!)
  • Standard weapon usage modified
  • Fixed HUD-incompatibilities.
  • Fixed some stupid typos
  • Got rid of MOST console error messages -> You can now run a dedicated server without having a 100Meg logfile after 10 hours


  • Optimized Treefile caltulation (takes minutes instead of hours!!)
  • Demolition bot behaviour added
  • Bots are more agressive, Medic and Painter now have defensive weapons too.
  • Re-introduced COMMANDABLE BOT.
  • Fixed some more bugs.
  • Playing Tribes is fun again ;-)


  • Painter Bot now fully functional!!!
  • Bots now attack more "coordinated"
  • Fixed various typos and small bugs
  • All bots are now ROAMING bots


  • Restored Medic repair behaviour
  • Bots now jump on your HPC on own accord
  • The also jump off on their own ;-)
  • Turrets fire again
  • Even more compatibility with other mods!


  • Second Generation of Treecode. Treefiles created automatically
  • Deathmatch play works great.
  • Treefile calculation is AWKWARDLY slow. A 150 point treefile takes > 5 hours on a K6-3 400 !!! Calculation grows geometrically with each additional Treepoint
  • The BotThink code is a mess:
  • CTF doesn't work again
  • Medic doesn't work again
  • Individual bots seem to "stop" sometimes. Thus they just stand at the home base and do nothing.
  • The "Treefile" Path navigation seems to work great, but often fails at high jumps
  • Changed the distribution format from .VOL to .CS
  • Only included my own CS files, so people can run their favourite Weapon MOD with SPOONBOT
  • Compared with v0.4f, this version adds a lot new features, but gameplay is less great.


  • First Generation of Treecode. Treefiles created manually


  • Last version of Spoonbot without Tree Code! I consider this to be the best possible bot without pre-stored paths


  • Mortaring bots finally works!! Every teammember can assign targets for all friendly Guard bots vie targeting laser.
  • Bots now chat while fighting (you can switch this off in SPOONBOT.CS)
  • The annoying "jumpy bot jetting" can now be switched off in SPOONBOT.CS


  • Bots retreat if severely damaged
  • Bots play CTF on their own (capturing the flag, returning the flag, attacking flagrunner)
  • You may now disable the A-Bomb in SPOONBOT.CS if you want, thus having the ORIGINAL rules of gameplay in Tribes.
  • Fixed the "Bot decides to attack target <NUL>" error
  • Fixed an AI logical loop which caused servers to slow down and hang after approx. 30 minutes of play.
  • Fixed several waypoint issues.


  • Bots now roam around like human players if their name contains "Roam"
  • Bots can now be AutoSpawned via config file spoonbot.cs
  • Bots now jump and jetpack while fighting, thus really having a chance against humans!
  • Bots now have a rudimentary move-around code to avoid getting stuck in obstacles, though they still get stuck sometimes.
  • Bots now chase enemy players carrying the flag.
  • Bots now return the flag to the base if the enemy flagrunner is dead
  • Bots riding vehicles works again
  • Medic drops medikit if touched by human teammate
  • Modified bot spawn menu layout
  • Ability to remove individual bots
  • Turrets now have a deploy limit
  • Bot code is now based on TRIBES v1.41 base code


  • Added bot spawn menu to game


  • Added more maps with pre-defined bots
  • Improved bot combat


  • Initial release, two maps with spawned bots that attack players