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26. December 2012 --- Woo, it's been a long time, but I'm not dead! I've restored most of the content of this page, especially the Tribes download was much requested.

6. Januar 2009 --- Major overhaul of the Spoonbot and LaserArena Homebase areas. I've also set up a dedicated Tribes page that contains a ready-to-run version of Tribes, including all required map packs, patches, and the latest community-run master servers, all pre-configured in one convenient download.

13. October 2008 --- I've added a small howto on a missile launch system called LaunchControl.

10. April 2008 --- There's been a definite lack of updates here lately, hence I'm taking this opportunity to tidy up and get some new content online. For the most part, this means [Music]. As for the other projects like Indigo and Rats2D, those are in limbo due to a definitive lack of time and motivation. It doesn't help that companies like GarageGames still haven't fixed their art pipeline, their engine compatibility, and instead poured their efforts into the (more lucrative) XBox360 market.

I'd much rather write a game using the Java Monkey Engine these days.

Anyway, stop by the various sections and help yourself to mods, games and music. Just two days ago I met some guys online playing Legends, and the fact that they still know Spoonbot, and that it made Tribes more enjoyable for them, really gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling :)