Indigo Requirements

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x) 2 teams (factions)

x) Sidearm weapon

x) Light assault rifle weapon

x) Missile launcher weapon

IN PROGRESS - x) Air vehicle armed with missiles

x) Mobile spawn vehicle

x) Ground attack buggy with machinegun

x) 2d overview map with spawn selection capabilities (big to-do!)

DONE - x) account and statistics database / login

DONE - x) traveling from server to server via warpgates

x) 1 very basic base mesh (programmer-art quality)

x) spawn tube model

x) vehicle pad model + script (buy vehicle GUI)

x) generator model + script (no power when destroyed, etc)

IN PROGRESS - x) command console model + script (hacking, etc)

IN PROGRESS - x) 2 "sanctuary" maps

IN PROGRESS - x) 1 battleground map with 3 bases

x) Scripting for base links (deciding whether a base can be hacked or not)

x) Tweak netcode for optimum support of up to 300 players per zone

x) a few tree meshes and random buildings