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  • What is the world like in this game?

Indigo consists of several zones, each of which containing several bases and auxiliary defensive structures littered across the terrain. Traveling to other zones is done by entering warpgates. Every faction in the game also has one Sanctuary Zone as well as one "Home Zone" which connects their sanctuary to the other zones. The sanctuary is off-limits to the other factions, except under certain circumstances.

  • What is the gameplay objective?

The objective is to capture bases in each zone. Bases can only be captured if a neighboring base is under control of your faction. The central base can only be captured once all surrounding bases with a link to it are under your control. Once the central base is captured, the zone belongs to your faction and it is possible to capture the adjacent enemy zones with a direct warp link available to them. This is all very much like the SOE game Planetside. Unlike Planetside, however, is the fact that you can actually win the game for your side. To do this, you have to fight your way through the zones on the map, establishing a direct connection between your home zone and the enemy home zone. Then, and only then it is possible to capture the home zone, which makes the final warpgate open up for your faction, allowing you to enter the enemy's sanctuary. Within the enemy sanctuary, a fierce last stand commences. You will have three hours to fight your way through to the central base building, in which their main power generator is located. Destroying this generator will completely evaporate the enemy sanctuary, hailing ultimate victory for your side.

After a brief intermission period, detailed stats for the round are generated, the map is reset and the game starts anew.

  • How big are the zones in this game?

Right now, the current version only allows for a rather small game map - not big enough to house more than three bases. After that, the terrain repeats itself. While it is possible to place a large number of bases on a game area that spans an area of three or four repeating terrain blocks, this is hardly enjoyable because the repetition in terrain is both noticeable and confusing. While it has often been stated that the vast terrain of games like Planetside is mostly empty and boring, it is necessary to have some space available for larger battles to develop. Right now, we're working on a new terrain system that allows this kind of freedom.

  • How far is this project?

This question can easily be answered by looking at our Indigo Requirements page. In general, Indigo has it's major MMO-aspects working already. Other features are still under development or plain missing as of yet. The game is not yet in a state one would consider "playable".

  • You should add <feature x>!

Speak up in our Forum. Or better yet, if you know C/C++ and/or TorqueScript, join our team and make it reality!

  • How much will this game cost?

Basic gameplay will be free. We may add features or items that are only available for players who support us financially. However, free players will not be treated to a "crippled" version of the game in any respect.

  • Is this game open source?

No. The engine, although very cheap considering its features and value, is a commercial product and not open source. Our modifications are usually shared with other engine licensees on, which means that you can benefit from our development as well. We have no plans to open up the script code to the general public, at least not now. People wanting to modify aspects of the game or run their own servers should please contact us so we can figure out a way to make it happen within our infrastructure. But really, the best way to get your ideas into the game is to join the dev team.